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“Man that was good,” he said falling on the bed on his back. I laughed out of discomfort, this was it? Again? “I, heum, be right back,” I mur...ured and scattered off into the bathroom. I panicked a little, because, he didn’t use a condom, oh my gosh, he didn’t use a condom. I went to the toilet took some toilet paper and cleaned myself up a bit. Until, I just relaxed again, everything was going to be okay, I would just go buy a morning after pill in the morning, no worries. I stood up looked. Ultimately, we believe the real religion at the end of the day should be love, with a definition of compassion, learning, trust, intimacy, sensuality, acceptance, understanding, etc... From our profile description, you'll know that we are both mixed with various cultures, which has led to an exploration of ourselves and the world we live in. Our explorations, which includes our sexuality, has led to communication and a liberation to be open with each other, but more importantly ourselves. We. So I decided to try a gloryhole that I've been reading about on this site. It also happened to be within a 15 minute drive from my area. My wife's flight was scheduled for one on a Sunday afternoon. My plan was to drop her off and go direct to the spot. I read advice to be sure to take paper towels and wipes for clean up. I had to be cautious after buying them, because wipes aren't a normal purchase at home. Once I dropped her off and left the airport, I felt a sense of excited anticipation and. The feeling of connection with him was so strong that when he entered me, I felt a wave of pleasure that seemed to come from beyond the body, to an astral plane where we were together as closely as we were on this one. Perhaps I was delusional, all the blood had drained from my head along with my tears. Maybe my need outweighed my common sense, my judgment and my rational mind. His body moved over mine, sensing my yearning, my need for something to fill the void that was threatening to engulf.

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