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Your name is Cindy, a 25 year old with a petite but athletic body, and even if your breasts are not as full as you’d want them to be, you know you a pair of well toned legs and a firm butt that drives most guys crazy. You’ve made sure that it’ll be noticed by wearing a skimpy short red and white dress and high strap heels that highlight that part of your body. You have a beautiful face, with striking blue eyes, a cute nose and a killer smile.Having put the final touches of your make up you. I simultaneously wanted to finish this massage like a pro and bone her as hard as I could. And what was up with Marcy. Why was she pressing all my buttons to get me so aroused? I thought to myself, "Focus on the task at hand." I continued to alternate massage strokes across Marcy's body and focusing on her genital labia. I soon was tugging and massaging her nymphae or inner labia so my thumbs or fingers were right at the opening to her vagina. Not only was she shiny with oil from my hands, but. “Try fucking my face,” he said, “and see if you can cum. Just pump gently and you will soon have an orgasm.” This was something I had never ever done before, but it was not unpleasant and I soon shot a wad of my cream into Mike’s mouth and all over his face. Mike than stripped off and I had a chance to have, once again ,a good look at him naked. It was obvious that he looked after himself and worked out regularly in a gym somewhere, as he had a hard muscular physique and even though his cock. I stayed at their home for nearly 10 days. This is when my feelings for her have started. I have never seen her in a negative way as she used to give me food as well along with her kids. She treated me like her son.One day my uncle had to travel to pilgrimage temples in Chennai and Kerala for 5 days. I was asked to stay at their home as I have holidays. We all had our dinner and we arranged mattress to sleep in hall Me,my aunt and my cousins. We both were talking to each other and went to sleep.

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