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Her protest was meek because his squeezing of her half exposed breasts had already started the juice factory in her loins. A steady drip began and her...protests thereafter were merely symbolic. Even before the elevator reached the basement, he had her saree right off her lush body and he ushered her out of the lift, saree in hand towards the kitchen in the basement. There was not a soul there as per the game. On his cell phone, he rang up the local restaurant owned by his own family and ordered. Then we were silent and I ran out of room.And masturbated watching porn. Then they said this to my pinni and dad and they all called me in the evening. I went there.Then my pinni said ” happened is happened , we all four do sex with each other.”My mom asked to sit down near my pinni. I went near and sat next to pinni. Then my pinni asked ” do you want to have sex?”I replied “No.”My mom asked me “tell us frankly I know you had the desire of doing sex and in this age you have high sexual. Slowly she drove it into my boy pussy until it was all the way in. Then she said if i wanted her to fuck me with it i had to make her cum. She sat on my face and held the vibrator in my ass and i licked her pussy for at least an hour. It felt soo good vibrating inside me. After i pleased her, she rewarded me by sliding the vibrator in and out of my tight asshole, but only for a little bit. She saw how dissapointed i was when she took it out and told me not to worry, she would be fucking me and. She giggled again and kissed me again. "Take me home, baby." Yes, ma'am," I replied, practicing how to address female officers once I entered the Army."I like 'ma'am'. I think you should call me that from now on," She gave me her own silly look, and I grinned and kissed her.We dressed and I gathered up the blanket and towels and put them in my trunk. I keep my car clean, but I would have to wash out the trunk and wash the towels and blanket in the morning.I dropped her off at her house and.

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