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She's in seventh grade, thirteen, a year behind me, really cute blond, smart, gets good grades, is on the swim team, five foot one, one hundred and tw... pounds, pretty figure, which to a fourteen-year old boy like me, means nice boobs.Boobs are important when you're my age. Now, I didn't know Joyce's bra size, but they were nice. If I had to guess sizes, I'd say B-cup but I'm no expert, she's the second girlfriend I've had and I didn't get to the first one's tits before we broke up. Oh, well.So,. Other than my dick I don’t feel the woman fucking me until her bum hits my stomach, before rising again. I have no idea who is taking me but it feels fantastic. I hear her breathing now and her actions are stronger. She takes hold of by balls in one hand and gently plays with them. My heart is pounding. I thrust as she drops impaling her as deep as possible. I’m groaning and she’s groaning. My balls tell me, ‘time has come’ and so I announce the fact. “Just a little…..” I hear her start to say. I repeatedly spanked her ass 10 times on each cheek till both her ass cheeks were red with my finger marks. SLAP!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! SLAP!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! SLAP!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! SLAP!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! SLAP!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!! After 20 times, I stopped. She was now crying and the others understood my message. I slowly rubbed my finger on her pussy lips and felt a little wetness there. I moved my finger little inside and found that she was aroused. I asked her whether she liked the punishment. Jake had called it "necessary mythology building." Thule agreed, but having a name for it didn't make it any easier to deal with people who deserved more honesty than the book offered.Just as Thule was about to turn on his heel, Melinda looked up and smiled at him, shading her eyes from the sun so as to see him more clearly.Thule took a moment to get a good look at her. Melinda was wearing a blue bikini that was small enough to be distracting, but not so small as to be indecent. If there was an.

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