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He leaned in and we kissed softly, his hand lightly slid along my inner thigh and to his complete surprise and delight, he discovered I wasn't wearing...any panties. Our breathing began to get hotter and heavier. I couldn't believe I was actually considering doing this right here and now, but my womanly urges kicked in and it all just seemed to take over. The fear of us being caught inside the cinema while a movie was playing just melted away. By now, I was now craving him, like a ravenous wolf. After a thousand yards the trees thinned out and he entered a clearing. Ahead was a huge warehouse-like building; a large sign over the front door read The Amazon Combat Arena. To his left he could see a large house, which would fit in perfectly on a family farm in Iowa. Looking around the sides of the Arena, Mike could see at least a dozen small cottages.Mike parked in front of the big building and went inside in search of Karla. Once inside he was overwhelmed. It was brightly lit and had room. ”Then the petite faerie’s blue wings flapped. She launched herself up in the air, rising above me. Her legs spread wide as she fluttered her pussy right to my face. Her thighs wrapped around my neck, her hands grabbing my fiery hair. She rubbed her pussy against my face, her small tits heaving above me, her wings beating.“Eat me, mighty warrior,” she moaned. “Just make us feel good.”“So good,” Midnight purred, her hand replacing Cherry’s on my cock, stroking it hard, fast, making my dick ache. We both deferred to Fredrick’s eye on a picture, and he never pushed me into anything that I was uncomfortable with. We had a glass of wine with lunch, and I posed with it during a set or two. All the while we talked and laughed. Michelle would ask me about Mike, what I loved about him. Too quickly the time that I had was drawing to a close. The last planned set was that magnificent bath. The room was set up with candles all around. I once again ran water. This time the glow in the room was.

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