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Larry, get backhere and suck his cock while I go in the house and get a collar andleash. Larry told me to lie down on my back. I felt the shackles g...back on my ankles and then I was lifted into air until my feet touchedthe roof of the van. Larry said, "Perfect, Jerry. Just the right height." My head was resting on the mattress, my feet were raised up tothe roof and I felt someone sit down on my chest, the buns of theirbare ass surrounding my chin. Larry said, "Jerry, take the gag. He led her to the bedroom. "Sit."She sat. He sat opposite her, his hands folded in his lap. "I feel... uncomfortable. I have no idea where to begin with you. And, more honestly, I am frightened of you." If you do not wish, sir..." No, I have no desire to go back on my pledge. Aimee', this may sound odd, but while I love you, and I feel lust for you, and at my age I should have the wisdom to understand what I feel in here, I do not." He tapped himself on the chest to emphasize his words. "Men.... Then he said, “Yea, but I’m so embarrassed.”I quickly responded saying, “That’s ok. I don’t mind,” as I sat down on the lower bench.Then I was totally surprised when he asked, “So, you don’t mind if I continue? I was too drunk to care and I said no, go ahead. He then slid his hand under his towel and began to slowly stroke himself. I should have gotten up and left, but I was pretty well buzzed and actually getting turned on by it. I have been bi-curious for a long time and have often fantasized. The slave’s past experience had always been that if it spotted a woman who looked “butch” that there was always or at least most of the time a good chance that they might be gay or bisexual at least but it didn’t want a woman like that. If nothing else it did know that much about what it was looking for. It wanted to find a woman who looked feminine, sexy and who had a talented tongue. If it was going to let another woman go down on its pussy then it wanted one who knew what the hell she.

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