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‘Carla, tell Ramal to come up to the office, and then bring me one of those bottles of solvent from the storeroom.’ Turning to me, he said, ‘Sta... here until I come back, and stay the way you are!’ ‘You mean naked,’ I asked. ‘Of course I mean naked, cunt! What else would I mean?’ And walked out the door. He apparently met Carla coming up the stairs, because I heard him say, ‘just go on in and put the solvent on my desk. It’s for the bitch inside.’ Carla came in, looked at me with amusement, and. I had all my savings from the army to invest and being Bisexual I was thinking of a book store or a bar. So traveling around to all the stores and bars I found a bar for sale that had living quarters above plus a apartment that was rented to a lesbian couple. This bar had a mix clientele of lesbian and gay men so it would be right for my sexual fun. After the sale I started to fix the basement up to make two rooms that could be entered from the ally behind the bar. This would be used as a. “Where's the boss?” I asked “She took the money to the night deposit . Said she might see us later, but I doubt it. She has an early flight out and needs her rest.. From what I heard about your massage, she probably needs it.” I fixed another drink, and sipped it as she talked. I asked her if I could get her one and she smiled.. “ You should know better than to give an Indian liquor-- might get high and go “tribal” on your ass!” I laughed and asked if she was serious. She said. Unfortunately this morning’ s visit had been predicated upon just such a regrettable occasion and could very well negatively affect Lindsey’s academic standing by depriving Lindsey of her endowment. The professor summarily elucidated how his exhaustive assessment of the Leicester household’s financial statement obliging attached to Lindsey’s scholarship application identified how alimony allotments, tenancy codicils and Lindsey’s trust fund distributions are all contingent upon Lindsey’s.

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