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“Mollie, I need him my ass. See if you can guide him,” she half sobbed.Mollie rose and gripped Herman, twisting him to the opposite direction and ...ulling him over Sara. The excited dog’s cock was already spurting his precum as he humped her hand. She lifted the dog’s tail, pulling his leg over Sara and tugged him down as his slippery cock shot precum over Sara’s back. Herman’s cock was so alive in Mollie’s hands that she was having difficulty controlling it.Crouched beside Sara, she pressed. Why don’t you go outside and get Tyson”. Yes Mistress” enthused Sandra “I will be happy to. Rushed to the back door she led Tyson back to the bedroom. “Not here dear” said Audrey “we have a special place” and led Sandra and Tyson to the far end of the house. “We keep this area locked” explained Audrey “it is a large room we use for special occasions”. Audrey opened the door and they stepped inside. The floor was covered in thick shag pile carpet. There were couches and benches spread around the. "Hello," I called to the silent apartment.No reply as I searched the small apartment, going from the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and then to the bedroom. I saw no one. Then, out of the dark shadows, I saw a pair of bright yellow eyes glowing back at me.My heart caught up in my throat. I told myself not to panic. It is your man, Mr. Right, Mr. Wonderful, just in his wolf form. I turned from the bedroom. rushed to the living room, and hid behind the blue soft-cushioned sofa, hoping the wolf. "That's it baby," he whispered. She felt the pressure of his hands pushing her down by the shoulders. She swooned, her control vanished completely. It was crazy, but she was sinking down to the floor on her knees in front of him, her fingers awkwardly fumbling with his zipper and belt until she reached inside and actually touched his hot prick. She could not believe what was happening and what she was doing. She pulled out Simon's cock and looked at it, studying it as it twitched in her.

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