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But I am married and I’d like to think Itake my vows seriously.Goodbye.Debbie x”Well! This was quite unexpected. She was lustingafter me, ...oo! If I played my cards right, I’d havemy fingers and maybe more inside her within the next20 minutes. There were possibilities in her use ofthe phrase ‘I’d like to think I take my vowsseriously.’ Not ‘I take �’ I knew I could exploitthat. But how? As it was a hot day, all I was wearing was a pair ofoveralls,. She looked at me, untied the belt, and took her robe off. "Ohh, I actually am ready," she chuckled. She stood before me wearing the stockings and heels from earlier, but had changed into an calf-length pink half slip with a thin band of lace at the bottom. It, too, fit her very nicely. Her breasts were bare, looked fuller than I had noticed, and her nipples were erect and very red as though she had been pinching them. "I thought we could have an erotic dinner," she said softly, "Why don't you. "I don't know why she is staying, she never stays I swear. This is thefirst time I have seen her stay and I have been here five years," Lidiatried to console me."What am I going to do? I can't stay like this for three weeks! It wasonly supposed to be for a couple days!" I whispered desperately."I don't know, but we will think of something. Right now, we aresupposed to get your nails done. Now you really better get them done,you don't want her taking any more interest in you than she. I kissed her and this time it was a slow and passionate kiss. My rock hard dick was rubbing over her panty. “Don’t worry, I’ll do it slow and it won’t hurt you at all.” Saying this I took her shirt on her hand and removed it from her. I changed our position and now I was on bed with me facing the ceiling and made her lie over me. I took her hand and started sucking her soft fingers . I kissed her palms and continued up till her shoulders. I kissed her neck and her face.She kept her hands on my.

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