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“Hey! How do I look?” she asked the door. I think she too had been introduced to the “good vintage” wine. Alicia stood a few ...eet in front of me facing the kitchen door. Like her roommate, she wore a T-shirt and jeans. But over this unremarkable ensemble was a pink and very sheer …uh..wrap?…uh…robe?… nope, definitely not a robe. I’m not sure what you’d call it. It came down to the middle of her very attractive butt and was trimmed. First one glorious foot , then the other , rubbing , kneading , massaging , & mewing like some a****l that's in heat , because that's how my DADDY makes me feel , whenever HE allows me the privilege of serving him, I only feel whole in those times , I NEED HIM to USE me , ABUSE me , I only feel worth then! HE'S MY EVERYTHING , MY GOD! "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" "Take my socks off BITCH , & KISS MY FEET , show all these boys how you will do ANYTHING for MY COCK!" "You LOVE MY COCK don't you BOI?". Koko and I would love to stay to see your training however it won't be possible. The two guards you saw today and the nurse are fully briefed. He came up close to her and gently peeled off the tape then opened his hand allowing her to spit the mouth ball into his palm. The blonde coughed and spluttered her mouth dry her lips swollen a little from the tape.She began to sob shaking her head saying she was sorry begging him to release her."Tut, tut," he said gently, "be a brave girl it'll only. I'd like to see, just once, a girl not be afraid to smack me around, force me to kneel in front of her as she grinds my face into the ground with her heel. A paddle, a whip, riding crop, or other such tools. I'm not afraid to be smacked around and abused. I want a girl who's about half my size force me to call her "Mistress" as I lick her pussy clean. To call me a dirty dog and lower than dirt as she draws me closer to do what she wants me to. I'll bend over and take what abuse she feels like.

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