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Then to my amazement she turned and got dressed right in front of me. She had her back to me but i still got a raging hard-on from the site of her ass...and bare back.After she was dressed and I had finished moving the furniture we went outside and did some yard work. It was a hot day in July and we both got pretty sweaty. When we were done she brought me in for some lemonade. We got to talking and she asked if I wanted to take a shower to cool down. I said sure not thinking anything of it since. Opening her eyes she looked straight into Ann's eyes. Moving her hand over her stomach she realized it's not. I'm naked, not in my room. Looking around Savannah was no where to be seen. Looking back up she asked, what's wrong aunt Ann. You okay sweetie, Ann asked. I think so, why Megan slowly answered. Well Savannah said you were having a nightmare last night and stumbled in here, Ann explained. Oh, oh yeah you're right she told her aunt.Well get up and get dressed Ann told her. Breakfast is. One it gave Bill the opportunity to glide his cock into Alice’s pussy and two it put Alice and Susan into position to kiss, which they did. Soon we were quite a sight I was pumping Susan. Bill was pumping Alice and the girls were kissing and fondling each other’s breast as they deep French kissed themselves into oblivion. Susan was fucking me with an abandon I had never known she possessed. Her pussy was squeezing my cock with every stroke. I reached around Susan to fondle her. I don't think that's been decided yet." Ooh, you make it sound so mysterious. You're not going to be some kind of James Bond, are you?" No, nothing like that, although I will be working for Her Majesty. What about you? What brings a beautiful married lady to a Maidstone hotel to talk to a strange man?"Maria took a sip of her drink and rubbed her rings. "I'm widowed, actually, and I don't think you really want to know about me." Oh, but I do. Besides, you look like you need to talk to someone..

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