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I handed the flask back to him and he took a swig himself."You need to know something about me right off the bat," he said. "I'm very direct, some mig...t say blunt... and nosy, too! But you don't have to answer any of my questions if you don't want to. I get lonely on the road, and this is a rare opportunity to talk. Are you O.K. with that?" Yeah, I guess so," I replied. "So what do you want to know?" Well, for starters," he said, "what's in the case? Laundry for your mom to wash?" Yeah," I. I guess she was nervous about her top coming down, because she was always tugging it up with both her hands, one on each side of the suit. From where I was sitting, I got to see more of her breasts whenever she did that, because she also lifted the top out when she pulled it upward. For just half a second or so, every time she did the adjustment, I could see a lot more of her than usual. After fifteen minutes of it, I began to wonder if she knew I was watching her, and was doing it on purpose.I. . i came close to her, removed her specs and kissed her eyes which were still moist …The liking the eye drops from her face, i started kissing her neck then more kisses to her face and finally my dream came true .. i kissed her lips.! God they were soooooo juicy ….That was like a dream come true …i couldn’t believe i was able to kiss her…“Okay, so far so good … no resistance so far if i keep it that way i may manage to fuck her … ” thats the best i cud think at that time … “gosh what next? Ohh. ..He got up so quick and ran out...Humm..Now that was boring wasn't it I thought.? I hope the other winners are a bit more dramatic.... Oh boy were they..The second guy wanted to finger her ass and lick his fingers before he fucked her... Weird... He shot his load up her ass and then locked it out of her.... Third guy I had to card... He was literally 18 and 2 days according to his drivers license... But he had the cash and was driving a BMW... Parents money I guess.... He was young, hung, .

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