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He was enjoying the feeling of her breasts pressed against his shoulders. Rachelle's nipples, like the rest of the girls', were distended. He felt one...of them graze across his back when Rachelle shifted and he wondered if it had popped free again."Oops," Rachelle said when she sat up – and, while Adam knew what transpired, he missed the visual input.Rachelle didn't so much rub lotion onto Adam's skin as she gave him a very gentle, very sensual massage. She pulled the back of his trunks down. Instead,I hugged her back."Yes," I replied while nodding. "I don't know how people are going toreact, and that scares me."Mom was silent for a moment. When she spoke again I felt the love andcare that she put into her words."Megan," she started. "You are an amazing young woman. I couldn't ask fora better daughter. But what you've gone through isn't normal. People aregoing to question who you are because of that. I know you are female.Your dad knows you are female. Your doctors and the. Well on this Sunday she said if she wins I have to pressure wash the concrete around the pool and repaint the bath house. I said OK deal. She said now lets hear what twisted sex act you want me to do. I smiled and said now how do you know it's going to be about sex? She said because you are a sick fucker and you love eating my pussy while it's full of someone else's cum.I told her if I win you must wear what I pick out and allow me to watch you have sex with some well hung guys. She smiled and. “You didn’t just order Deb to fuck dad, you asked her first. You even gave her a safe word. We hadn’t thought of that.”I understood now. If Debbie had been with a sponsor I didn’t know, I’d have wanted to check him out; as well I’d passed their test.As Chryssa started moving on me I took the opportunity to massage her tits. At her age they were softer than either of my teen concubines’. After a little I began to concentrate on her nipples. Chryssa was quiet while she fucked me, not talking much.

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