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"You can say that." It's a log cabin in the mountains. A four hour ride from here," Ralph added. "We were on our way there when we saw you." He lied.B...itney thought about it again. Then realized she had nothing to do for the night. Besides, she needed a break from the pressuring city life. A trip to the mountains might do her good. "Alright then. Shall we go?" Hell yeah!" Paul suddenly said then got a hold of himself, trying not to sound too excited. They opened the doors, then Ralph and Casey. One of my fetishes is the neck and legs, I am a pretty wild guy so I have a few fantasies too. But this night was nothing I imagined. She was still asleep and I kept watching the movie, but I couldn't help to get distracted by her beautiful neck.I leaned over to kiss her neck, and she let out a little breath. This really turned me on. I licked her neck softly leading my tongue down to her chest. This managed to wake her up from her nap. She was still really sleepy and didn't have the slightest. " Because I'm different." Yes. The government would have wanted to take you from us and study your body. But you don't belong with them. You've always belonged with us, and after tonight, we can make our family whole again."Kate's eyes widened. "I … I can leave the attic?" After tonight," her father said, "you won't ever have to live here again."Kate's heartbeat quickened. She could leave! She could finally meet James and Jess! It was all so much to process.But she remembered something her. Leaning her aching body back against the wall behind her cell bed, Leia decided to rest and let the interrogation drug wear off. It was the only thing she could do now until Vader returned, and Leia had to regain as much strength as possible before that time came, or else she may not be able to resist another interrogation.Rubbing the spot on her arm where the IT-O droid had injected its drugs, Leia thought for a moment, "Is this the worst the Empire could do?"It wasn't.Ever since the fall of.

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