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He's 6 ft something 200 and something pounds caramel complected not an piece of fat on his body alpha male. I had a secret school girl crush on him si...ce I first met him. Let me explain I know alot about this man being his personnel assistant. I know he gets more than his share of woman. I often arrange his hotel rooms for his many girls and don't find a problem with it. i even know he has slept with plenty of the girls in the building. I mean the fawn over this guy he plays it cool as a. The night seemed to last forever at that moment. I saw a rosy glow to the east. Morning had come, and still, we had not slowed. As I saw the first rays of the sun through the trees, her body started to shiver in an orgasm. As she came, I felt my body start to shudder. I suddenly exploded inside her. We collapsed in each other's arms as we basked in the afterglow.As the sun started to rise, I noticed that I couldn't seem to move very far from the tree. She looked at me and said, "I have. Emily whines a little and I snap putting my hand around her neck, she freezes but she knows I’m in charge. “Bra… off,” I growl and she nods a little, I’m letter her move some, I’m not a complete animal right? She doesn’t try to take her shirt off, I guess she is feeling shy but with a little maneuvering she gets her bra off and drops it to the floor. I release her neck and feel around her waist before undoing the clasp of her pants. They don’t drop to the floor, snug pants by the feel as I work. I liked the warmth and heat and wanted to come with it inside me. But, I stay quiet. I know Sir likes me being held wide open for him. He licks me and it's next to no time when I first ask my permission. I come like an atom bomb. I'm greedy and I want more. Sir rests the hitachi over me but it's too sensitive as always. Damn clitoris for getting to twitchy and hurts when it's sensitive. But, I'm being kept warm as Sir is unwrapping the new dildo I bought during the week, an 8 inch b**st.Using.

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