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Lisa and Carol had to dress in a hurry. They don't want to be standing there getting dressed when the audience is gone and they can be seen from cars ...riving by in the street.Karl's two baby goons tried to help him up but he screamed at them to leave him alone. It was pretty funny. They didn't know what to do. They stood up and took a step back. They stared at each other, shrugged and then just stood there waiting for Karl to tell them what to do.As soon as Lisa and Carol had their clothes on. " A foolish tinglingfeeling going through my idiotic penis as I did so."Yes of course you do, so follow my instructions as you get them, if youdon't then you know the consequences!"With that he signed out leaving me feeling curiously nervous at beingalone and yet unsure that he wasn't still watching my every move.I thought about it a second then decided that I'd best do what he'dinstructed before I did my work, I couldn't risk him thinking I hadn't.I opened the first of the three chat requests. She begins pushing her shorts and panties down. When she arches her butt into the air to push them down further, I have to grab my cock and squeeze it hard through my shorts. I love this part because I know she is taking her clothes off for me. She wants me to see her naked and it’s one of the sexiest moves a woman can make. She pushes the shorts and panties down to her knees and I step forward to help her pull them off. Now Lisa is totally naked, sitting in the passenger seat of my truck in my. Maes took the flask and brought it to her mouth, just as the fireball flew downwards at them. Maes could feel the air around her heating up, but strangely the heat seemed to wash over her, without leaving a mark. She closed her eyes as they began to hurt from the bright light. When she opened her eyes again, she was standing by Rohea and Puccar, but the ground around them had been completely burned, with nothing except black ashes around them. The black ashes formed a perfect circle around.

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