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A shiver rocked through her perfect body, her back arching against the mattress and a soft, raspy breath rushing past her laps and out of her throat a... her fingers delved further downwards, now brushing over the glistening petals that her lovely thighs slowly spread to relinquish. Her eyelids drifted down to close again, only it wasn't sleep that was taking her this time. The goosebumps that spread over her smooth flesh was testament to such, and it was then that she began to trace her middle. He was nearly naked now, clad only in sneakers andtight underwear – also blazingly tie-dyed. His ballsand fully erect cock poked through the underwear’scrotch-hole, pointing at her, a bright yellow and greenexplosion pattern framing the turgid shaft. The twoguys took hold of her by her waist and under her arms. The unseen one behind her pulled out of her cunt andsat down on something behind him – some ledge or highchair. The pair then lowered Danielle back onto hisrod, the. The new cock sliding in and out of me was rubbing all the right spots. I didn’t want to cum before Gary, so I stepped up the speed of my manipulations to his ass and cock.The increased speed was starting to do the trick as Gary began to shake from his impending orgasm. My new sperm donor had picked up his pace as well, and it seemed that we were all headed for almost simultaneous ejaculations. Gary’s hit first as a gush of his warm semen shot down my throat and I pulled back some to get a. I got on the train in a first class carriage (using the card he gave me to pay for his dry cleaning and that was going to pay for a good night out for me and a couple of friends tonight) and was joined a couple of minutes later by a hot looking guy who smiled nicely and sat opposite me, we got talking and I told him what happened he said I should get my own back so I explained I had one of his credit cards and was going to max it out before I told him to get lost, he thought that was funny and.

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