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Ana was naked, with her back to me. The guy was stripping and he was packing another huge tool, bigger than his friend’s.He growled her to get on he... hands and knees, like a good bitch…Ana eagerly arranged herself, her ass up thrust and ready. I watched the guy get behind her and he lowered his mouth down, licking eagerly at her sizzling heat from behind. Ana moaned in pleasure…After some minutes she squirted all over his face. Then he lifted up, pulling apart Ana’s ass cheeks. The bastard. Before long I am edging close to climax, they speed up their actions, finger fucking me with two fingers and rubbing my clit back and forth in a speedy blur, I cum on a loud moan, tilting my hips up to allow the fingers deeper access as my cunt sucking at the fingers trying to pull them further in. The men ease off the pressure as I lay sprawled on the seat, my eyes closed trying to catch my breath. Before I have a chance to recover, they have pushed my legs down and the stranger has pulled me. Let me cum,” Cathy begged.The whining pleading posh English accent made her decision for her. Susie twisted her fingers through the girl’s long blonde hair and tugged hard on it, jerking her head back. The girl protested but Susie slammed her body face down onto the desk. The girl’s breasts pressed against the cold wood of the desktop.“Spread those legs wider, you fucking whore!” Susie barked as she kicked one ankle.The girl swiftly complied and lay across the desk. Her face was pressed against. This was a gold mine waiting to be stripped of all of its wealth. "Come over here and start pleasuring my body mommy, start with a nice kiss on my nipples and then work your lips down to my pussy, now get started licking."Merriweather crawled onto the bed and bent down and took Elizabeth's small, 34A breast into her mouth and began sucking and licking."God Damn "M" suck them like your enjoying it, not like some cow."Merriweather put her whole heart into pleasing this bitch of a step daughter..

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