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“Yeah, that may be one reason. No, the main reason is that he did not want you.”“He wanted to have me aborted?” Helen gasped“No. Helen, ther... is no easy way to say this, so I’ll just blurt it out. The Gundersons are not your parents, not biologically. They adopted you because Margaret wanted a second child which she couldn’t have herself after Earl’s birth. She got her will, but Hiram made her and you pay for it.”“They adopted me from ... an orphanage?”“No. Margaret is your aunt. Helen, have a. "Take these off so I can get a better look," I said pulling her sleep shorts and panties off her. I pushed her legs apart and moved in close for a look and got my first full of view of a pussy. I ran my finger along her outer lips which made her moan gently, scaring me as if I hurt her. "I'm sorry," I told her moving away quickly. "Don't be," she told me, grabbing my hand and guiding it back to her pussy. I rubbed up and down her lips again and I could feel her getting wet. Gently I pulled her. I come to a chair and, with a quick glance toward the couch, I slide my body along the wooden leg and then down the side, being sure to lengthen every muscle across my naked midsection.He is watching. His eyes appraise me as I move down the chair and then turn in between the legs, snaking through them. "Come on," he pats the seat beside him; the leash's clip jingles at the end.I stop and stare at the leash, my body curved against the inside of the chair's legs. I arch my back. I feel like an. Her breath came out in pants, quick and desperate, as she tried so hard not to move. He made it even harder by letting his hand move from her ass around to the front, kneading her thighs and then wandering to her lips, gingerly prodding to gauge her wetness, his findings eliciting a sigh of satisfaction from him as his cock grew harder and strained against his boxers. He ran his index finger lightly around her mound, tracing its outline, making her wet enough for the juice to drip onto his.

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