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The pleasure returned. He touched another, and the device buzzed all the harder. She grunted in primal pleasure as the toys conspired together to rob of the ability to form a coherent word or thought. He pushed it again. The third setting was too much. The buzzing spread like waves through her body, and her breasts added their voices to the symphony. Sierra's world dissolved into white joy.She felt empty when she awoke. There were lights before her ... no, above her. Her head was cradled in. "He cocked his head and asked with obvious incredulity, "Are you the same girl who was here last week?!"I smiled and said, "You had quite an effect on me. I haven't been the same since you made me lift up my skirt and took my picture. But yes, I'm the same girl. I'm the same girl but I'm different now."He finally took off his mask! He slowly peeled it off and put it in his back pocket. We looked at each other in silence until I said, "I've been wondering. I wondered if you were someone I knew.. These days, I play mothers and girlfriends, generally off -- Broadway. You would still be headlining. But, something tells me you did not call to reminisce about Oskar Gruber's Chamber of Horrors. What's up?"I choked back a laugh, "I actually own that studio. I own the whole warehouse. You should see it now. The main floor is leased to XTreme Gym, but the audition room is my private studio. It could still be called a "chamber of horrors." However, I called about a guy you might have known in. She gave him a big kiss and said, "That was scrumptious, Curt. I almost went out of my mind when I felt you shoot off iii my mouth. Thought you were too tired for such stuff." I did too," he replied, grinning in the dark. He gave her a long kiss and patted her naked ass. "But you got me going so much I was able to make it."As she climbed into her cot with a sigh, and Curt rolled over onto his pillow in preparation for a good night's sleep, there was sudden activity in the girls' tent."But it.

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