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It wasn’t much of a load, but it was enough to make him fall back onto his sofa/bed. ‘Damn girl,’ was all he could say. He shook and I moved eve... closer between his legs and rested my head in his lap. I knew his penis might be too sensitive for me to touch at that moment. I was pretty sure that he was finished for the night. It took him at least fifteen minutes to recover. I hadn’t expected that he would. He didn’t actually recover enough to get an erection, but he did recover enough to get. “Yeah…I want to watch,” she replied quietly, nodding her head, before once again lowering her eyes until they were fixed on my cock. I started to slowly slide my hand up and down the shaft, staring at my increasingly gob-smacked sister, who just stood there looking at my crotch, open mouthed in astonishment at what I had begun to do in front of her. But she didn’t voice any disapproval or attempt to leave…so I carried on. "And that makes it go soft?" Julia asked after a short while. "’Cos it. After the service guy left, I also tried to leave.But they urged me to accompany them for some more time. They offered me wine, I took few sips. They were talking to each other in German, which all went over my head.Guy 1, “Asha, you look very beautiful.”I smiled and replied, “Thank you.”Guy2, “You look gorgeous in this dress. What do you call this?”Me, “Thank you, Sir, this is lehenga choli. We wear this in family functions like marriage or anniversary.”Guy2, “I am in love with this dress.. Almost afraid of what would happen if shedid, she held the revolving shaft with one hand so that it did not stopfucking her whilst she picked up the slim pink hand vibrator and loweredthe tip of it down towards the upper part of her vulva; where she knewher clitoris was sitting up, waiting."Fuck!" she screamed as she made first-contact and started to rubherself there. This was an entirely new level of sensation. For thefirst time, she started to give serious consideration to the idea thatshe.

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