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After about a minute I pulled my finger out.I raised up my left leg and put it on the couch on the outside of Dad's leg. I then raised up and put my o...her leg up on the other side of Dad. I stood up and looked down. I could see his thing pointing right at my pussy. I put my hands on the back of the couch.My feet had sunk down in the couch. My pussy was only about a foot from his thing.I knew all I had to do now was lower myself down and it would happen. I would know what it felt like. My. "Its really good to see you again Grandma", I said."Its good to see you too", she said, "your'e looking real healthy and growing into a very big lad aren't you!".I was sure there was a glance at my crotch and a slight grin as she said "... big lad... ", but put this down to the fact that I had been permanently on heat since Peter had arrived at the house.We arrived home soon afterwards having made general small talk on the journey through town. I carried Granma's bag indoors as she went on. It must have shown.Gary acted as a gentleman. Thank goodness there was somebody there to be a responsible adult."I'll let you in." He held out his hand for my keys. I stumbled through a bumbling "thank you" and dug for them. Somehow it didn't seem at all threatening or out of place when he entered the house with me and walked about to check it out before he was to leave.I should have known better. This was a game about which I knew nothing. I guess it showed, at best, I was exactly what and who. "Everyone seems to begin talking at once. Everyone except Gerald, whograsps my elbow and marches me into the garden."I want the truth," he growls. "And I want it now."I yank my forearm free."Give me a break. I've only just worked out what's going on." I'm all ears." Okay, but you'll think I'm making most of it up." That's for me to decide."I'm desperate for a cigarette, but my bag is still in the bedroom. Whenwill I learn never to let it out of my sight?"It all goes back to last November when.

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